An accident runner, a chiropractor, and the push to curb no-fault insurance

Avery Gordon, general counsel for SMART, the regional bus service serving metro Detroit, has seen it before and seen it often. He said it usually goes like this:

“One of our employees is involved in an accident,” something minor, with no serious injuries. “The driver is at home, a few days after the accident, and gets a call (from someone who says), ‘I hear you’ve been in an accident.'”

The caller names a doctor, and tells the driver, “We’re calling to set up an appointment,” Gordon said. The driver might say yes, there was an accident, but I wasn’t hurt and don’t need to see anyone. The caller will tell the driver that soft-tissue injuries may take several days to announce themselves, and calls back the next day, or the day after, always saying, “Let’s set up an appointment.”

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