A Talented Taxidermist and Controversial Chiropractor

A Family of Taxidermists

For much of its life, Duluth’s Storey Taxidermist along East Sixth Street was operated by Thomas J. Storey, one of two sons of Dr. Thomas Henry Storey who followed their father into the family trade. The elder Storey was himself a taxidermist but became better known as an early practitioner of chiropractic medicine who is both credited with inventing a vital tool of the trade and discredited for his controversial—and sometimes paralyzing—adjustment techniques.

We pride ourselves in being the best in chiropractic.
Born in Ontario, Canada, in 1843, Thomas H. Storey established himself as a taxidermist in Duluth in the 1880s (a 1952 advertisement for the business includes the phrase “Since 1882”) and by 1890 was operating a taxidermy business out of 28 East Superior Street under the name Storey & Williams, reflecting his brief partnership with William H. Williams.

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